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We're all crazy about technology and interested in the computer world and computer games ,therefore ; each of us was going to specialize in a certain field: graphics, the web, Android ... Ultimately Alvand team was lunched in 1392 . At the beginning , our projects failed because the needed advertising Budget was not enough and user trust was low . However it didn't stop us .In 1395 , We resumed our activities in cooperation with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, under a new name :" Sangarban" . Projects such as "96th Index Martyrs" and "Baba Rajab's Children" are the results of this collaboration . After that , Alvand team _under the new name " Technology City"_ once again start their work . This team have got successful results in branches such as Android app production , website designing , branding , advertising and telegram robots . Having wide activity in Café Bazzar as well as collaboration with Hamrahe Aval on added value systems are other examples of our team's success .

ایده پردازان جوان
Young Ideologists

How did the DIACO
Young Ideologists begin?

Stepping into the startup world, we finally decided to register the company "Young DiaGow ,Young Ideas" to play a roll in providing job opportunities and well – being of our dear fellow countrymen.

Our Customers
Sho'bade Baz Sho
Dande Sefr
Hame Fan Harif
Hoosh Barandeh


Content management, professional designing , video editing based on Adobe Premiere, audition and ...etc .


designing and creating mobile apps on Android with a professional admin panel in line with the updating user interface design.


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Tell : 051-36033466

E-mail : info@diacoipj.com

Site : www.diacoipj.com

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No 60 . 55 Seyed Razi St .
Seyed Razi Blvd , MASHHAD , IRAN